Green thinking in North Devon

Green thinking in North Devon

Green thinking in North Devon

At Westward Living, we love where we live. The beautiful North Devon Coastline is part of what makes our accommodation so special. It is also the inspiration behind our business; Westward Living only exists because we adore our environment, we want to share it with others and make it an even better place for our children to live!

We are committed to preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings and the wider environment. Our guests are asked to respect their surroundings and encouraged to leave only footprints behind after their unforgettable break in North Devon. We construct every one of our buildings to meet standard green credentials, using energy saving and recycled materials wherever possible. We harvest rainwater and do our best to keep our paper trail as low as possible; unless specifically requested, customers will receive any correspondence from us via email.

We do, of course, recycle, and encourage our guests to do the same by offering a convenient recycling service. And we love sharing our space with a host of other interesting “locals”. Of course, we have our horses, of whom we are very proud, but who also make a valuable contribution to the balance of nature. We also keep chickens and geese, most of whom are rescue birds. Our chefs use our freshly laid eggs in their delicious cooking, and guests are welcome to collect eggs daily for their breakfasts; many of our guests say our hens and geese lay the best eggs they have ever tasted! Nestled in the clifftops, safely tucked away from our guests and animals, we have our very own bees, who work hard preserving the clifftop flora and making us delicious honey.

At Westward Living, our guests are our main priority, so we go out of our way to make sure that we have access to any information they may need, from the nearest local car charging service, to our fantastic local organic shop. We take our environment seriously and continually strive to reduce our waste and ensure that we are being as kind to our beautiful earth as it is to us.

If you are planning to come and stay with us and have any questions about what we do, or how we do it, please get in touch; we will be happy to help. We also welcome feedback: we are continually striving to improve as we believe that anything less than perfect is just not good enough! So, if you have any suggestions that will help us to save energy or preserve the environment, please let us know. In the meantime, we hope you have a wonderful stay in our glorious corner of North Devon.

A copy of our environmental policy is available upon request.

FREE wifi throughout
All our cottages have FREE wifi providing unlimited access to the Internet.
Flexible Booking Dates
We offer flexible changeover dates of Friday and Monday which enable guests to enjoy short and long breaks throughout the year. We are also able to accommodate more flexible dates upon request and subject to availability
On-site facilities for guests
We have so many on-site facilities to keep you busy. If you have children....