How to Protect Your Bathing Suit from Pool Chemicals

How to Protect Your Bathing Suit from Pool Chemicals

How to Protect Your Bathing Suit from Pool Chemicals

Whist holidaying with us at Westward Living you are certain to enjoy the sea and the surf of Westward Ho! award winning blue flag beach - in our play barn there is a small indoor heated plunge pool with training jets which is open between April and September and with many of our cottages now featuring a private hot tub - there is lots of opportunity for you to enjoy bathing during your short break.

Please find below our guide to protecting your swimwear and ensuring from salt, sun and chemicals during your stay.

Caring for your swimwear:

  • Immediately after bathing, it is recommended that you hand wash your swimwear as soon as possible using a mild detergent.  Water alone will not remove all chemicals found in swimming baths or hot tubs.
  • The water should not be boiling hot, but at a comfortable temperature, and after washing is complete, items should be rinsed with cool water to remove any remaining detergent.  
  • Wring out your swimwear to avoid it becoming misshapen due to the weight of the water.  We like to lay ours flat in a towel, and roll the towel up to gently remove any excess water.
  • Avoid the temptation to wash your swimwear in the washing machine as this can cause a breakdown of the thread used in the material of your swimwear and cause weakness, thinning or bobbling.
  • Hang your swimwear to drip dry or lay flat to allow it to dry and regain its shape.  It is not recommended to expose swimwear to the sun, or direct heat from a radiator or in a tumble dryer as this will damage the thread and can cause fading.
  • If possible, we recommend having a spare set of swimwear so that you have clothing which is completely dry for each use.  It is not recommended to wear wet swim suits.


  • As many of our cottages feature a hot tub, we would like to make you aware that extra care should be taken when using a bathing suit in a hot tub. The bromine used in hot tubs is extremely hard on bathing suits, as is the heat of the tub itself. Both can cause weakness in the material, discolouration, fade and even bleaching of the dye used to give colour or design to your swimwear. 
  • Be sure to wash and dry your bathing suit as soon as possible after going in a hot tub. We advise that you consider wearing an old bathing suit when soaking in a hot tub to avoid any disappointment or damage to new or expensive items.
  • If possible, it is a good idea to wear a good quality bathing suit with high lycra content with good elasticity. High quality bathing suits last longer and are more resistant to pool chemicals.
  • It is possible to purchase a chlorine-resistant bathing suit, but these can still be harmed by pool chemicals, but are designed to last longer through repeated pool swimming.


  • If you wish to sunbathe after swimming, and wish to maintain your swimwear, we advise that you change into a fresh bathing suit. Pool and hot tub chemical damage is increased when exposed to direct sun. 
  • Try not to get oil-based products, such as tanning lotions, on your bathing suit as this will reduce the elasticity of your bathing suit's fabric.
  • Be careful where you sit or lie when wearing a bathing suit. Bathing suits snag easily.
  • Please also be mindful that dyed or bleached hair can also be effected by hot tub and swimming pool chemicals and so if in doubt, we recommend that you ensure that your hair is not in contact with or submerged in the water.

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