Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

With 60 acres of countryside at Duckhaven Stud, we have plenty of room for our friendly farm animals and pets! From our gorgeous goslings to our magnificent horses, we're sure you'll love getting acquainted with our furry and feathery friends.

Duckhaven Stud is a former thoroughbred racing yard, still home to many of our beloved horses! You'll often see them grazing in the fields, but they'll trot over to greet you if you wait patiently. Say hello to our mischievous pygmy goats, cheeky geese, our beautiful family of ducks, two bunnies Mr. Bubbles and Swirls and our pretty hens! The hens are more than happy to treat you to tasty free range eggs during your stay. Feel free to collect them from the chicken coop in the morning, but please remember to close the coop afterwards to make sure Mr. Fox can't get in! Don't worry if you're not up early enough, just pop over to our office, we may have collected some for you already.

As well as our lovely farm animals, our family Labrador Raffles loves roaming the countryside! He's a very friendly dog and loves being taken out for walks. If you'd like to walk Raffles along the South West Coast Path or take him out to the beach, we'd be delighted to arrange this for you. Just let us know and we'll be sure to give you everything you need, including a lead, treats and maps, so you can enjoy a special walk together. Look out for Cinnamon, Gaston and Moley, our perky Jack Russells, too!

As you've probably guessed, we're crazy about animals! But while we love dogs, unfortunately we can't accept them in all of our cottages. Many of the thoroughbred horses run freely in the grounds so we have to be careful. Our dog-friendly cottages are Smiley Cottage, Sadlers Cottage and Dream Cottage. Of course assistance dogs are made very welcome all year round, especially in Smiley Cottage, which is one of accessible luxury properties. If you'd like to bring your furry friend along, please let us know when you book so we can make all the necessary arrangements and send you our dog policy details. We hope you understand that while we absolutely love dogs, we have to respect all of our farm animals here at Duckhaven Stud.

We also welcome horses to enjoy our farm! If you'd like to bring your beloved horse on holiday, Farriers Cottage has a private paddock. It's adjacent to the garden and has a field shelter, so they'll be just as comfortable on their luxury holiday in North Devon. Hay and straw bedding are included in the £100 fee. For more information, get in touch with our friendly team. If you'd like a personal tour of our horses at the farm, we'd be happy to introduce you! Just let us know.

We love North Devon and its rural lifestyle. Come and see it for yourself on your luxury holiday at Westward Living!

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