Wildlife and Nature Within The Grounds

Wildlife and Nature Within The Grounds

With 60 acres of private coastal grounds packed with wildlife, flora and fauna there are plenty of beautiful natural treasures to discover. The grounds at Westward Living are very special, they are in the UNESCO Biosphere and have been given the official status as an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). In the summer months, you may be lucky enough to spot porpoises in the bay; we also have a resident family of cheeky foxes and roe deer who may pose for photos. Enthusiastic nature detectives are welcome to borrow our bird spotting telescope and binoculars during their stay.

There are so many wonderful walks to enjoy from our grounds and we probably have some of the best sunset picnic spots in the whole of Devon.

Incredible Photo Opportunities

Credit to Charlie Goff for this fabulous photo of two roe deer in the summer meadow

Billy the Bunny and all his friends

We are grateful to the residents who were here before us and respect them for sharing thier home.

Capture those Magic Moments

The horses enjoying a spot of summer in the sunset, unaware of who is about to join them. Photo Credit to Charlotte Player

Coastal Wild Flowers

With the changing seasons the flora and fauna are a living canvas. Credit to our guest Colin Davidson for this fabulous photo.

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